Monday, March 23, 2009


Inspired by this post by Phoebe at Cents to Get Debt-Free, I decided to try my hand at growing some seedlings. The kids and I had fun planting our seeds and they were very disappointed when the seedlings weren't there the next morning. This whole process has been a good lesson in science and patience!

I've been checking the seedlings each day eagerly awaiting the small fleck of green poking through the soil. As Phoebe suggested, I've kept the container covered to retain moisture. A few days ago I was very disappointed to see some mold growing on the containers. I thought for sure the seedlings wouldn't make it.

Today was the day I was going to throw my first attempt at gardening away, but the promise of new life was there! 3 of our 6 tomato plants had sprouted and 1 of the 6 green pepper plants had sprouted. Have a look...

Too exciting!

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  1. Yay!

    I love it when my seeds sprouted and starting looking like plants. My little ones love "taking care' of them, as well. Definitely good lessons! Thank you for the mention--I wish you the best of success with it.

    I'm going to be doing a follow up post (hopefully sometime this week) about fertilizing those seedlings.


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